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Off-Premises Auditing

Evaluation of the past and present is the first step to creating the future. Through active onsite engagement, The Off-Premises Growth Academy through an active engagement process will prepare recommendations and identify gaps using our proprietary business framework “The 4 Factors of Successful Off-Premises.” We craft a strategic executive action plan that provides a specific path to implementation. We identify resources needed, sales and financial planning, service, operational, & technology improvements, as well as sales growth strategies that outlines a clear path to establish off-premises as an accelerated growth platform.

  • On-Site Auditing (Comprehensive)
  • Remote Auditing (Limited)

Advisory Board Services

Bring our expertise and extensive experience creating successful off-premises sales channels. Image having expert advise at your fingertips, people that get your questioned answered, get your problems solved. They always appear at just the right moment, with just the right solution, do what is needed, and then disappear, to be called on again only when needed.

  • Off-Premises Advisory Partnership is our introductory level of advisement.  We conduct twice monthly meetings, helping you move through both specific projects and ongoing initiatives.
  • The Advisory Council Executive Program provides off-premises support and advice to Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Teams for both restaurant and non restaurant companies.
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Consulting Success Programs


Our Consulting Success Programs provide an engaged process to help you build your off-premises program or make significant changes and upgrades. We review your current programs, create recommendations, and help you implement the changes that create the growth to meet your goals.  Together we create the team, resources, tools, and systems needed to build your future growth program.

  • Menu Optimization
  • Operations Development
  • Self Delivery Development
  • Sales & Marketing Development
  • Service Centralization Development
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Technology Selection & Implementation

Technology is synonymous with building off-premises sales channels. However, its complicated, not one system solves all the problems. Connecting multiple layers of technology to work together to provide not just a great customer experience but also create operational transparency, effeciency, & profitability.

  • Online Ordering Software – Off-Premises and Catering
  • Service Centralization
  • Operational Order Management & Cost
  • Delivery Management
  • Loyalty & Sales, CRM
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Executive & Sales Recruiting

The Off-Premises Growth Academy can help you find the talent you need to grow your off-premises team or act as an interim leadership solution. We have extensive experience and contacts to help you fulfill your leadership and sales needs and get you to the next level. Whether you need program leadership, multi-unit sales management or just that one superstar sales person to get things really moving, we can help find the right person or pinch hit until you do.

Public Speaking & Events


Bring the Off-Premises experience to your corporate event. Erle Dardick is a successful entrepreneur, author of “Get Catering and Grow Sales: A Strategic Perspective for the Multi-Unit Restaurant Executive”, and one of the global leading experts in off-premises foodservice strategy.

Erle brings his unique expertise in multi-unit foodservice off premises channels to help build healthy revenue streams for foodservice operations around the world.

His energy and passion for restauranteurs, off-premises sales channels and technology will bring inspiration and knowledge to your team event.Contact Us