The Value of Integrating Purpose Into Your Catering Program.

One of the biggest trends that I have seen really take off within restaurants and restaurant tech is guest engagement, this is a rich topic for discussion as there are many elements to achieving deeper engagement.

Brands understand the value of engaged customers and I have seen many stats about how the most engaged customers drive more visits and more dollars than those with less engagement.

We are all trying to do better at creating a meaningful connection with our customers and I have seen first hand all the technology solutions available to help facilitate this engagement.

However, what I don’t hear as much about is defining a meaningful purpose. Obviously many companies, especially larger brands have created some fantastic and meaningful vision, mission or purpose statements for the brand. This is translated well in many sales channels and provides the needed benefits and guidance it was intended to serve.

What still lacks however, is pushing this down even further and more specifically to both off-premises channels and more importantly to the B2B channel.

If you are a smaller brand that hasn’t yet done this work or if you are a larger brand that has done the work, how and why should this be incorporated into your B2B channel, catering?

When developing off-premises sales channels, especially the catering or B2B channel we encourage brands to put the time and effort into building a B2B specific purpose statement. Specifically defining your catering purpose and integrating it into your customer experience.

This is a very strategic approach that will have a positive impact on your team and the interaction they have with your customers.

A purpose statement guides the organization and the B2B channel in the right direction. It defines why the B2B channel exists and what it aims to achieve.Employees are more engaged and motivated when they understand the purpose of their work. A clear purpose fosters a sense of belonging and encourages employees to work towards common goals.

Organizational decision making becomes easier when there’s a clear purpose. Choices about projects, partnerships, and investments can be evaluated against the organization’s purpose to determine their alignment.A purpose-driven organization often builds a strong brand identity that consumers can connect with and be loyal to companies that have a clear and meaningful purpose beyond just making profits.

Start by identifying your values. Consider what principles and beliefs are most important to you and your business. Write them down.Think about why you are passionate about your catering program and what you are offering. What drives your enthusiasm for providing food and service to clients? Write those down as well.Reflect on your B2B or catering niche or specialization. What makes your catering services unique? How does your niche align with your values and passions?Imagine the impact you want your catering business to have. Consider how your services can contribute positively to clients, events, and the community.Based on your reflections, create a concise purpose statement that captures why your catering business exists and the impact you aim to make. Ensure it is authentic and meaningful.

Evaluate your catering business operations, from menu selection to service style and vendor partnerships. Ensure they align with your purpose and values.Educate your catering team about your purpose and values. Encourage them to embody these principles in their interactions with clients and in their work.

Personalize your service to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client. Show genuine interest in understanding their needs and responding to their issues and pain points.

Offer menu options and customization that align with your client’s dietary preferences, cultural backgrounds, and event themes.

Communicate your purpose and values to your clients during all interactions within the ordering, sales and even at events. Explain how your approach enhances their experience.

Ensure that your catering business’s messaging & branding, including your logo, website, and marketing materials, reflects your purpose and values.

Use your website, social media, and marketing campaigns to tell the story of your catering purpose. Share examples of how you’ve made a positive impact on clients and the community.

Showcase client testimonials that highlight how your catering services aligned with your purpose and enhanced their experience.

Ask clients for feedback after events. Inquire about how well your services aligned with your purpose and whether they felt a meaningful connection to it.

Define key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the impact of your purpose-driven customer experience, such as customer satisfaction, repeat business, and referrals.

Celebrate your achievements and milestones in aligning your catering business with its purpose. Share these successes with your team and clients.

By defining your catering purpose and integrating it into your customer experience, you can create a unique and meaningful connection with your clients, drive customer loyalty, and differentiate your catering business in a competitive market.

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