The OPGA Story

Where it All Began…

Tony’s Deli (circa 1996) – Transforming a failing business into a profit machine through a robust B2B catering channel.

Outgrowing & innovating through a partnership with a local web developer, turned into a catering SaaS business.

Realizing the opportunity and creating Monkey, the #1 cloud platform for takeout, delivery & catering (SaaS) as a new focused business.

Realizing software was just a solution but what companies needed was bigger, they needed a strategy, and education, The Catering Institute was born.

After establishing a software company, we realized that brands needed more and created the Catering Institute and The 5 Pillars to help brands with all aspects of their programs.

After almost 20 years and 8,000 restaurants on the Monkey platform we sold to ezCater in 2019.

Erle takes a break, but the passion continues and becomes a new venture with the OPGA.

Erle Dardick is an entrepreneur, author, restaurant veteran, and off premises thought leader for the Global Foodservice Industry. Erle’s mission is to help foodservice operators create successful off premises revenue channels.

An expert in turning around struggling businesses, Erle’s journey into catering began with acquiring a small Vancouver deli and developing it into a flourishing off premises operation. In a small office above that deli, Erle created MONKEY, The #1 Cloud Platform for takeout, delivery & catering. Through his vision of The Catering Institute, MonkeyMedia Software, and Off Premises Insights, Erle became a leader in a rapidly developing space.

Throughout this process, Erle pioneered The 5 Pillars of Successful Takeout, Delivery & Catering which has since evolved into the 5 Stages, a leading strategic framework for the restaurant and foodservice industry.

Since selling his company to ezCater in 2019, Erle has gone on to work with several more cutting-edge order management solutions including Olo and Lunchbox, in developing and refining their off premises strategies. Eventually, Erle came to realize that the best way he could serve the foodservice community was by sharing his insights on the principles of the 5 stages, rather than any singular solution.

Today, as Founder & Senior Partner, Erle leads The Off Premises Growth Academy,  focusing on industry advocacy for the off premises segment, as well as training and certification for foodservice multi-unit off premises channels.

Erle earned his MBA at Simon Fraser University and lives in Vancouver BC, Canada.

OPGA's Operating Partner, Bill Holleman.

Bill Holleman brings 30 years of restaurant multi-unit operations and off-premises growth leadership experience.  He has helped brands like Panera Bread, Potbelly Sandwich Works, Roti Modern Mediterranean grow from small local brands to national chains.  He founded his own company, Cater Cult to further help operators navigate the complexity of off-premises and partnered with both The Catering Institute and EzCater to help restaurants create successful direct to consumer experiences.
Most recently he worked with McDonalds leading the operations processes needed to bring geofencing technology to their mobile app ordering experience.  He also led the launch and outreach of on-premises ordering at Olo, helping the team define the value proposition and customer engagement approach and partnerships to drive program growth.

His client experience includes fostering executive alignment, creating strategic plans, building sales teams, centralizing customer journeys, field sales & training, IT evaluation & implementation that ensures flawless execution for restaurant operations teams.

Through his work with small independent operators all the way to large national chains, he offers a unique and comprehensive perspective on how to communicate, collaborate and coordinate company resources to create sustainable long-term growth in sales and profits.

Bill is a graduate of Hope College, in Holland Michigan and holds an MBA from Keller Graduate School in Chicago Illinois.