The OPGA Faculty

Welcome to our Faculty page, where you’ll find an exceptional roster of experts dedicated to advancing the multi-unit restaurant industry. Each faculty member brings a unique set of skills and expertise, complemented by dynamic teamwork. Much like a sports team, our faculty is assembled into specialized sub-teams tailored for business planning, educational initiatives, and consulting services. Explore our faculty profiles to discover the diverse talents and collaborative spirit that drive our approach to helping your off premises channels thrive.

  • Terry Matthews

    Terry Matthews

    Terry is the Managing Partner at the Off Premises Growth Academy, bringing over 15 years of experience in the off-premises restaurant space. Based in Vancouver, BC, he specializes in restaurant technology, strategy, and education, leveraging extensive expertise in Product Management and Project Management.

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  • Bill Holleman

    Bill Holleman

    Bill brings 30 years of restaurant multi-unit operations and off-premises growth leadership experience.  He has helped brands like Panera Bread, Potbelly Sandwich Works, and Roti Modern Mediterranean grow from small local brands to national chains.

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  • Christopher Sebes

    Christopher Sebes

    Christopher Sebes is widely respected restaurant technology entrepreneur, CEO,Advisor and Board Member. He has dedicated his career to hospitality management and technology.

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  • Erin Childs

    Erin Childs

    Erin is an independent consultant with a distinguished 19-year career in the food industry. Through her expertise in catering with a number of restaurant companies early in her career, she most recently served as President of Boloco, a Modern Mexican chain of fast casual restaurants based out of Boston. Today, Erin leverages extensive experience to…

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  • Mo Asgari – Advisor

    Mo Asgari – Advisor

    With over 25 years of experience in technology leadership and senior management, Mo has dedicated a significant portion of his career to enhancing the Restaurant Industry through technology.

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  • Erle Dardick

    Erle Dardick

    Erle is an entrepreneur, author, restaurant veteran, and off-premises thought leader for the Global Foodservice Industry.

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