Terry Matthews

Terry is the Managing Partner at the Off Premises Growth Academy, bringing over 15 years of experience in the off-premises restaurant space. Based in Vancouver, BC, he specializes in restaurant technology, strategy, and education, leveraging extensive expertise in Product Management and Project Management.

In his current role, Terry plays a pivotal part in driving growth and innovation, focusing on developing strategic solutions that enhance the off-premises capabilities of restaurant businesses. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in advancing the academy’s mission.

Terry previously worked with Erle Dardick for ten years at MonkeyMedia Software as the VP of Product Management. During this tenure, he headed up the development of the leading Restaurant Catering Management solution, MONKEY, significantly contributing to the company’s success and reputation in the industry. He has also recently held roles with restaurant online ordering providers Onosys and Lunchbox, further broadening his experience and impact in the industry.

With a background in software development and as a Certified Agile Leader, Terry combines technical acumen with strategic insight, ensuring the delivery of robust and effective solutions. His professional journey is marked by a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

Outside of professional commitments, Terry can be found dodging tackles in his community soccer league and shredding powder on the slopes on his snowboard. His athletic escapades reflect his balanced approach to life and work and underscore his dedication to community engagement and personal well-being.

Terry’s unique blend of professional expertise and personal dedication positions him as a leader in delivering restaurant technology, strategy, and education services.