Advisory Services

Let the OPGA drive your Off Premises Advisory Board(s), Mentorship & Peer Groups & 1:1 Coaching

Our services are designed to play a support role in any organization where off premises is part of the overall company strategy.

  • Off Premises Advisory Boards (Strategy)
    • Executive Advisory Board
    • Franchisee Advisory Board
    • Private Equity Advisory Board
    • Technology Advisory Board
    • Industry Advisory Board
  • Mentorship & Peer Groups (Implementation of Strategy)
    • General Managers
    • Catering & Food at Work sales managers
    • Franchisees and their operating teams
    • Operations Teams
  • 1:1 Coaching
    • Executive
    • Senior Director
    • Senior Manager
    • General Manager
    • Franchisees & their operating team

Off Premises Peer to Peer Program for Food Service Suppliers


Zoom & Slack (or similar) for discussion and Q&A • Resource Library • Monthly Webinar content • Q&A • One on One coaching session per month