Off Premises Fractional Leadership Program

The OPGA’s mission is to empower restaurants off-premises growth through strategy, education, and technology. Before a brand can deploy a catering (B2B) order management system and supporting technologies, it must align its business framework, business logic, workflow and best practices.  

Implementing and growing off-premise programs require focus and development of the The 5 Stages of Stellar Takeout, Delivery and Catering.  Brand affinity and order frequency will be heavily influenced by your organization’s ability to leverage The 12 Areas of Investment into scalable, repeatable practices and benchmarking those with our 109 Key Performance Indicators.

The OPGA’s advisory services provides your team the needed guidance and leadership to help you develop a culture and operating philosophy for your catering sales channel.

What We Deliver

  • Off Premises Assessment
  • Off Premises Strategic Plan
  • Referrals to Best in Class Resources
  • Access to our Partner Group
  • Preferred pricing on OPGA events

How We Lead

  • Lead weekly meeting
  • Lead strategic plan
  • Lead resource engagement
  • Coordinate training and operational materials
  • Meet as needed with all vendor partners
  • Six Month minimum commitment (12 is recommended)