Hospitality in Off-Premises Service

Written by: Richard Hodges I believe the two most important service centric key result areas of off-premises orders are still accuracy and timeliness.  Many brands have built in metrics and reporting that allow them to measure and assess their performance for success and defects in the order process. Technology usually provides reporting of time in […]

Sales or Service! Is there a path for both?

For generations of restaurant leaders and operators we have exalted the belief that service matters, that service is the one thing that can ensure customers come back again and again.  As a long time operations leader in Fast Casual restaurants, almost every sales building plan also included initiatives that focused on improving the service experience.  […]

Promotion During & Post Covid 19

There is no “New Normal” yet,  everything is still in flux and will be for the remainder of the year at a minimum.  As we begin to move into opening phases in most states, albeit we are also seeing some contractions in states that are seeing a resurgence, everything is still up in the air, […]