Catering Outreach Can Be the Window to Growing All Your Sales Channels

In the competitive landscape of the restaurant industry, where every dollar counts, finding innovative ways to boost dine-in sales is crucial for sustained success. While traditional marketing tactics like social media campaigns and loyalty programs are effective, restaurant catering outreach presents a unique opportunity to not only increase revenue from off-premises dining but also to drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar location. 

As I reflect on current marketing trends the biggest initiative I see and hear from brands is building relationships. This starts by collecting data, specifically email and/or phone numbers. Then establishing segments, for engaging customers and driving GLV (guest lifetime value). 

Wow, this sounds familiar as this is one of the primary benefits and points that differentiates a catering sales channel.  So why not use some tried and true relationship building tactics from catering and drive those customers back to your restaurant as a subset of your efforts to build catering sales.

Here’s how leveraging catering services can serve as a catalyst for growing dine-in sales:

Create a promotional flier that you bring to every event that your catering team is engaged in.

  • Side one of flier – Promotion to be redeemed in store only
  • Side two of flier – Promotion to be redeemed online or a digital order
    • Add a QR code that directs them to your website 

You decide the promotion for each side of the flier, make sure you use a promo code to track engagement.

Providing great experiences around catering is already a strong way to introduce customers to your brand but with some cross promotion you can do even more.

  1. On Site Catering Orders for Expanded Brand Exposure:

Catering events offer an excellent platform to showcase your restaurant’s culinary prowess to a wider audience. Whether it’s a corporate luncheon, a wedding reception, or a community event, serving delicious food at off-site locations exposes potential customers to your brand. Place your flyers in key areas or on dining tables for clients.

  1.  Catering Sales Visits:

When your team is doing a sales presentation for your catering business you not only use this as an opportunity to showcase a variety of items from your menu. Providing samples of popular dishes or featuring signature items allows potential customers to taste the quality and variety of your offerings. Including your promotional materials with the catering order and highlighting the offers as another way to sample your brand’s menu and service.

  1. Canvassing Your Neighborhood for Leads:

When your team is out in the community and engaging in direct canvassing for catering leads, don’t forget to promote your restaurant.  Talk to potential clients and customers about your restaurant, what makes it great, where it’s located and leave a menu and your promotional flier to encourage a visit.

  1. Feedback and Referral Loops:

Catering events provide a valuable opportunity to gather feedback directly from customers. Use post-event surveys or feedback forms to assess satisfaction levels and gather insights into areas for improvement. Use your promotions as an additional incentive within the feedback process to bring customers to your restaurant and drive digital orders.

  1. Community Events:

Participating in community events or sponsoring local gatherings through catering services not only enhances your brand visibility but also fosters a sense of community involvement. Building relationships with local businesses, organizations, and residents creates a loyal customer base that is more likely to support your restaurant both through catering orders and dine-in visits. 


Incorporating cross promotional offers within your restaurant catering outreach into your presents a multifaceted approach to growing dine-in sales. 

By leveraging catering events to expand brand exposure, cross-promote dine-in options, showcase menu offerings, provide personalized recommendations, gather feedback, and engage with the community, you can create synergies between your off-premise and on-premise dining experiences. 

By delivering exceptional catering experiences that leave a lasting impression, you can effectively drive traffic to your restaurant and cultivate a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more.


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