Book Time With Bill Holleman

Book some time with OPGA operating partner, Bill Holleman and gain insights into OPGA’s strategies for growing sales and increasing profits within your Off Premises Foodservice Channels.

OPGA has a combined 25 year history in foodservice technology and foodservice operations, and has shared their unique strategies and insights with the following types of clients:

  • FoodService Operators
  • FoodService Suppliers
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Foodservice Technology Companies
  • Industry Associations
  • Industry Training Agencies
  • Franchisors
  • Convenience Store Chains
  • Grocery Commissaries
  • Ghost Kitchens

Are you struggling to communicate your Off Premises Growth Strategy to your stakeholders? Takeout, Delivery & Catering feel out of control? 

Speak to Bill. He will help.