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  • Christopher Sebes

    Christopher Sebes

    Christopher Sebes is widely respected restaurant technology entrepreneur, CEO,Advisor and Board Member. He has dedicated his career to hospitality management and technology.

  • Erin Childs

    Erin Childs

    Erin is an independent consultant with a distinguished 19-year career in the food industry. Through her expertise in catering with a number of restaurant companies early in her career, she most recently served as President of Boloco, a Modern Mexican chain of fast casual restaurants based out of Boston. Today, Erin leverages extensive experience to…

  • Mo Asgari – Advisor

    Mo Asgari – Advisor

    With over 25 years of experience in technology leadership and senior management, Mo has dedicated a significant portion of his career to enhancing the Restaurant Industry through technology.

  • Erle Dardick

    Erle Dardick

    Erle is an entrepreneur, author, restaurant veteran, and off-premises thought leader for the Global Foodservice Industry.