The 5 Stages of Stellar Takeout, Delivery, and Catering

Fueling Off Premises Growth

Off-premises dining represented a paradigm shift in the foodservice industry. Both new and established foodservice operators must determine how to make a fundamental shift in their business strategy in order to capture this fast moving market.

The most obvious trend in the foodservice industry has been the sheer magnitude of off-premises growth. Every year since 2019, off-premises (takeout & delivery) sales have grown significantly, and this trend didn’t finally start to slow down until 2023. In 2024 the landscape has significantly changed, takeout and delivery has slowed, and dine-in traffic is stagnant for most brands. Instead, we are seeing massive growth and opportunity with catering and Food for Work. As off-premises channels proliferate, brands continue to scramble to keep up, and the question of how to incorporate more services is becoming ever more complex.

Technology certainly represents a major competitive advantage, but in the end it is sound business strategy that will make you win in this highly competitive industry.   That strategy guides not only the what to do but more importantly, the why, how and where to invest to support this growth.  Implementing and growing off-premise programs require focus and development of the 5 Stages of Stellar Restaurant Take-Out, Delivery and Catering.  Brand affinity and order frequency will be heavily influenced by your organization’s ability to leverage your off-premises business strategy into scalable, repeatable practices.

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