5 Stages Catering Assessment 

The OPGA’s mission is to empower restaurants off-premises growth through strategy, education, and technology. Before a brand can deploy a catering (B2B) order management system and supporting technologies, it must align its business framework, business logic, workflow and best practices. 

Using the framework of the 5 Stages, 12 investments & 109 key characteristics, we will guide you through a detailed assessment of how your restaurant team can develop a strategic program focused on sales growth that allows them to own the customer journey and their data while identifying the metrics and behaviors required to measure success. 

What We Deliver

  • The 5 Stages Assessment is a detailed report of your current catering program. 
  • Detailed recommendations that will help you build your program.  
  • Benchmarks your program against The 5 Stages of Stellar Takeout, Delivery & Catering. 
  • Formulate a strategic action plan that aligns the goals with the strategy, tactics, resources, timeline, and costs.
  • Via in person/On-site or conducted remotely.