use these 6 crm tools to make your sales team more effective

I see it all too often, a catering sales person, using spreadsheets to keep track of prospect and customer interactions.  All great catering sales people have a high level of contact, followed by making each interaction meaningful.  A sales person with great energy and an ability to connect will be even stronger when they use these 5 tools, especially if they are not experienced.   

Templates – When using email it is critical that you create specific templates based on your goal, and contain a very well thought out subject line & message content.  If you want more on writing emails check out  Jill is a master on this subject.

Templates allow you to send more, high quality emails that get responses.  You will still need to customize parts of these emails but they increase your email volume by 200%+.

Templates also include tokens so they automatically insert customer name, company, or other info you need.  Templates also allow you to set up links to your menu, online ordering or even to specific documents or promotional materials.

Sequences – Take those templates and string a couple together, timed out in increments.  When you send your first email in the sequence and the prospect doesn’t respond, a second template will go out based on a time frame you specify, one day, one week, two weeks, etc. Put these together and you end up with what is referred to as sequence and a much higher response rate.

When the prospect responds they are automatically pulled off the sequence.  This means you don’t have to remember when and if they responded, so the follow up is done for you.  You can add in a task at the end if no response is ever received so you can decide what the next steps are.

Notifications – Do you ever wonder if you email was opened or read?  Well this is what tracking or notifications refers to, it tells you when the prospect opens your emails.  Great to know, and gives you a real edge, can even be used to call in real time to follow up.

Documents – Attach your menu, promos, and other informational materials, even content pieces and photos, logos, etc.  Link these in your emails and now you can see who, when, how often, how long contacts look at these.  Combined with real time notifications and you can hit up a prospect right after they view your menu.

Calendar – Set up your calendar and link into your emails, let your prospects schedule an appointment right on the spot with no contact, this works amazingly well.

Inbound Marketing – This is a whole separate category and another amazing reason to use a CRM (based on specific CRM capabilities, my preferred product is Hub Spot which has a full Marketing suite). Connect to your website, set up forms, pop ups, lead funnels, big topic for another discussion. 

Hope this gives you a sense why spreadsheets are dead,  Setting up a CRM and getting all the interactions points working is a task in itself, along with some good template writing thrown in. If you want to set up a CRM for your sales team Cater Cult has set up numerous CRM’s, and specializes in Hub Spot as it incorporate both outbound and inbound selling features.


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