Black Friday Isn’t Really Black

Have you already started your Black Friday outreach?  If so, then great you are right on track making contact six to four weeks in advance. 

If you haven’t started yet then, next week is as a good a time as any to start contacting your retailers and getting your Black Friday Specials in front of them.

If you keep up on what is happening with retail, you know that it has been a challenging couple of years with many closing their doors, making major reductions in store counts and all finding ways to reduce costs.

Black Friday is not the big food ordering weekend that it was years ago.  In fact, even if you do get some nice orders chances are your margins are so small it seems hardly worth doing. This is what I mean by Black Friday isn’t really Black.

In other words, here is my take on Black Friday for 2017.  Create a strong value proposition, reach out to your retailers and get it in front of them, do some follow up and move on and spend time working on customers that drive more profit.

Would really like to hear your take on Black Friday?