A Value I Won’t Hand Down – Hard Work

Over the past 18 months a specific value has come up over and over again.  This value initiated by a specific company says that the difference between successful people and those that are not is working very, very hard.

Many of us, might say what is wrong with hard work?  I certainly grew up in a household and time where hard work was heavily valued and people were defined as being hard working or not.

Traditions can be handed down from one generation to the next, things as simple as holiday recipes to how you tie your shoes, and yes I really thought there was only one way to tie your shoes.

Values are what we create to help maintain a sense of continuity, it helps us stay centered in how we work together as a team.  Yet, change is what drives our business forward, change is the only constant, so is this “Value” one that is still relevant?  

In a time when the efforts of ones hard work was directly attributable to progress, it meant something, it is what defined America’s middle class.  But, now in a society were you must fight each day to establish your unique value, where the ownership of your work isn’t so clear, this value no longer carries the same worth.

Hard working, may be a virtue to value but it is not one I plan to pass along to my children or those that I lead in business.  What is the new value?  Simple, it is results! 

Getting results is what I teach, it is what I will pass along. Working hard implies a head down, get it done approach, I want a heads up, think it through approach.  Smart is communication, smart is well planned, and researched, smart is teamwork, smart is sharing and collaboration, smart is ownership. 

Results are attainable and attributableby owning as much of the workflow or ecosystem as possible.   Working on parts or pieces no matter how hard or fast rarely creates results that you can own.

Work can bind you or set you free, I plan on handing down the latter.  What does hard work mean to you?  Are there values that need to change?